A better way to work with your shared cloud documents.
Consolidate your cloud information and get notified of changes,
so you can focus on what's important.

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End of Service Announcement

We've made the difficult decision to discontinue SureFocus, as of October 31, 2019. As a result, the service is no longer available.

Thank you for your support and patronage of SureFocus over these past few years.

Consolidate your cloud information.

SureFocus presents a consolidated view of documents and notes from your cloud services. Now you can stop worrying about where your information is stored and find everything you need in one place. Google Drive and Evernote are currently supported with more services to come.

SureFocus channel

Get notified of changes.

Channels are used by SureFocus to specify a group of folders, notebooks and tags. SureFocus monitors your channels so you can get notified whenever a document or note changes, either via email or push notification.

For example, your team might be working on an important project that uses three Google Drive folders and two Evernote notebooks. You can define a single channel that monitors all of these cloud services and choose to be notified every hour via push notification if anything changes in this channel. Whenever a change occurs, you'll get a notification. Tap the notification and the SureFocus app shows you which documents have changed.

Or your organization may have a Google Drive folder containing policy and procedures. You can define a channel for this folder and choose to be notified via email once a week if anything changes. If there are any changes, you'll receive an email with direct links to the documents that have changed.

Push notification

Focus on what's important.

Each SureFocus channel lets you focus on the documents and notes that are important to you. The SureFocus app brings together on one screen a list of files and notes with the most recently changed information at the top. With one tap, open the item in Google Docs, Evernote or whatever app manages that type of item. Create as many channels as you need and once created, share them with everyone on your team.

SureFocus Channels


Simple to get going

Just sign up for an account, and in minutes, our service will be monitoring your shared Google Drive and Evernote Business and personal notes for changes.

Know what's changed

You'll receive periodic notification, via email or push notifications, of changes to shared files and notes so you can access the information instantly. See files and notes from different folders and notebooks that are important to you in a single consolidated view.

Choose how and when

The SureFocus mobile app for iOS and Android lets you specify the files and notes for each channel, and how and when you get notified.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected here some of the questions that we receive most often.

Q. Does SureFocus read the contents of my files and notes?

No. We do not access, read, transmit or store the contents of any files or notes. We only read and transmit file names and note titles, so we can include them when notifying you of a change to that information.

Q. Is there an app I can install on my mobile device?

Yes! The SureFocus mobile app, available for iOS and for Android, lets you specify what information you want to receive notifications for. It also lets you set how frequently you'll get notified, and by what means - email or push notification.

Q. Does SureFocus work with Evernote Business?

Yes, SureFocus supports both Evernote Business and personal accounts.

Q. What files and notes can I receive change notifications for?

You can choose to be notified when changes are made in Google Drive folders and Evernote Business or personal notebooks that you've shared with others, or in folders and notebooks that others have shared with you.

Q. What does SureFocus cost?

Sign up for a free 30-day trial. No credit card is required to begin. At the end of your trial period, you can choose to subscribe for just $2.99/month (USD), via the iOS or Android app. You may cancel at any time.

Q. I still have a question. How do I contact you?

Check our Support site or Send us an email.